Development of business systems depends on the various components and the data distributed by various media. Each media must meet the conditions that allows easy and fast access to data. The whole process of design, planning, installation and commissioning of units is in the process of System Integration.

As systems become more complex, the need for the interconnection and integration becomes a very important factor influencing the performance of each company. Due to the complexity of the communication process between the media there is a problem of resources and skills within the company for the development of new and maintenance of existing applications. ANDSOLUTIONS as an integrator can offer consulting and implementation of complete solutions that include:

  • the design and implementation of communication infrastructure
  • Design of HW platforms for future business needs (servers, virtualization)
  • the installation and development of application solutions

ANDSOLUTIONS is a service consultant, offering solutions for the benefit of users by giving them professional advice and assisting them to better use their existing infrastructure.